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Is there a permanent death in the tunic?

You will explore the mysterious world and fight dangerous monsters playing Tunic. Unfortunately, sometimes these monsters can take the top over you, and you will find that you are dying. It can make you think, whether you are revived or in the tunic is permanent death.

Rogue Lineage | What makes permanent death good?
The answer is no – in the tunic there is no permanent death . When you die, you will be revived by the last statue that I visited. However, when you die, you reset part of your coins where you fell. You must return to this place and pick up your items. If you die again before you do, these coins will disappear forever.

So, until there is no permanent death, you can permanently lose your feasured coins. The fight in the tunic can be difficult, so be careful, approaching the enemies, especially with which you have not come across before. Do not hurry to explore their models and when you hit.

Tunic draws inspiration in this system of death and rebirth from the Dark Souls series. Although death in the tunic is not constant, you can still lose valuable things, so be careful when studying the world.

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