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Joey City, 3on3 Freestyle New Content Treasure Find Update

Joey City (Representative Court) said on a 17-year-old basketball game ‘3on3 Freestyle (3on3 Freestyle “game community’ FS Village ‘on the” FS Village “.

FS Village is a game community content, which is a result of the game community content, which can meet all over the world, regardless of the platform, and it is possible to interact with users, or create a lineup party.

The treasure finding through this update is a new content that can only be enjoyed in the FS Village. After the update, a treasure box is generated every day in the FS Village, and the various items necessary for the cultivation to foster the treasure box are given as a gift.

In addition, the spring of ‘3×3 mode’ and ‘2022 spring battlepass’ are held in the spring. The theme of this battlepass is included as a compensation for sensual harness costumes and hard cases with ‘Battle Harness’. You can add two special battle harness hair for a bundled product.

Joey City Freestyle Business Headquarters Kim Kyung Tae’s implementation is “I will feel new fun in the FS Village,” said Kim Kyung-tae, “I will feel new fun in the FS Village,” said Joey City Freestyle. ” I said.

3on3 Freestyle - Joey is a Goat still (For the ones telling me to use someone else ????)
More information on ‘3On3 Freestyle’ can be found on the official website.