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Escape Academy captures cooperative pleasure confusing escape rooms on PS5, PS4

The escape rooms are popular around the world, and although there are one or two similar video game experiences, Escape Academy seems to be the first inspired by the riddles of the real world. This new game of Skybound Games and Corner Crew Games is to solve environmental riddles for, well, escape from each room, and it seems that it could be very fun.

Playable solo or in cooperation with two players, you register in a mysterious school which consists of causing your brain to overcome the escape rooms. The USP in this case is that the levels presented throughout the game are designed by people who create real-world escape rooms, which gives them an air of authenticity.

By exploring the campus, you will meet a crowd of NPCs, including teachers and other students. All this looks like a fun moment – we can see that it’s a joyful cooperative excursion when it will be released on PlayStation 5 and PS4 in June.

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