Nexon, Maple Story M Storm Growth Support Event

Nexon (Representative Lee Jung-hyun) said it was on the 18th that it will proceed with new content updates and events in Mobile MMORPG ‘Maple Story M’ served on its 18th.

First, I added a new Difficulty ‘Chaos’ of the Corps ‘Magnus’ and the ‘Archill’. This difficulty consisted of a pattern to escape the monotonous pattern and maximize the cooperation of party members.

MapleStory M accessory emblem scroll package.... Thanks ah fker Nexon. 楓之谷M 饰品卷轴。
In addition, the ‘Storm Growth Support Event’, which supports the character’s quick growth. The ‘Hest Event Season 3’, which is provided with Haestr Buff, which supports growth, runs to April 14th.

If you complete the mission in the game every day, you will be paid for the ‘Compensation Box’, ‘Burning Booster (1)’, and using a Burning Booster increases the experience of experience. Depending on the number of mission cumulative completion, ‘I am a complete hast’ title, and when he kills the flame wolf in the hast event, the ‘New Flame Wolf Riding’, ‘the’ Wolmor ‘decoration of’ Soldier ‘.

In addition, the “Explore Shiphegel’s exploration train event”, which can proceed to the exploration of the boardboard in the event page using event tickets obtained from hunting until 31st, will proceed. If you explore using a character, you can acquire your experience and achieve compensation such as ‘the flame of the’ [fireworks of a strong reincarnation “,” S-Rating Jewel, “

If you consume a part-time job (5 kinds) that you can get from the same period field hunting (5 species) and achieving the mini game and achieving the event achievement, ‘Stepped’s 15-year-old 100% strengthening’, ‘Reinforcement of the Cookie’, ‘Cube’s Cube Box’ Provides a variety of compensation.

More details on ‘Maple Story M’ game can be found through the official homepage.