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How to defeat Captain Bikka Stranger from Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Proud sea grotto in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy is a house for a variety of pirates, Sakhagins, spiders and volatile mice. As soon as the players get to Captain Bikke, the character from the first game Final Fantasy, they hope you will receive several professions to raise the level. White magician is useful in every battle, but players can do without it. Here’s how to defeat Captain Bikke in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

Stranger from Paradise Captain Bikke Fight Boss

Captain Bikke was initially a character in the first game Final Fantasy, now on the path of the main characters Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. In the battle with the boss, Bikka calls for additional pirates so that the player will fight from time to time. Hurry up And also help team. These are good moments for damage, but the boss can cause a retaliatory blow to several blows with a big damage.

Non-blockable attacks

Captain Bikke has two non-blockable attacks in violent blow And also Yo Ho Ho! From this you need to shy away. The “furious impact” has a long completion, so it is easy to avoid and punish it, since the player can continue to attack the Bikka from behind. Yo Ho Ho! – This is a grip, whose animation will block the boss if he grabs an ally.

Attacks on the area

The wider attacks of Captain Bikke include throwing Molotov to damage fire damage and two rotating attacks . In both of these weapons, attacks have a long completion, so players can easily leave the road and attack the boss after the end of the animation. Double swing And also Rotate can be blocked, but can break the players, leaving them open for attacks, as they are immobilized.

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Attacks from above

STARSTAN – this is an attack by a blow from above, which causes elemental damage to the player. Blocking the attack will still apply damage if it is not shield of the soul . Ground pound , on the other hand, has a slightly smaller radius and it can be easily dodged in any direction. Both of these attacks can be completely avoided, just going for Captain Bikke.

Other attacks

Among other attacks of Captain Bikke only The brutal tackle causes great damage. He has several charged attacks and tomahawk movement in which he throws his weapons, like a boomerang, but compared to this they apply quite little damage. Brutal table will hurt, if the players get into it in it, but this is a very timely solution. Shield of the soul may neutralize damage long enough for easy evasion.

If players have white magician unlocked, Protect or Protected Spell will significantly help in this battle.

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