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How to defeat the Queen of Griffins in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

The side quest of the chaos temple makes the players return to this area to find and defeat the Queen of Griffins. On the way to Queen Griffonov, there are many treasures and many fights to get sufficient levels of work and equipment. Rubbing and stitching weapons resist, but the enemy is weak to the crushing arms. The enemies around him staged a real fight, so there are ways to defeat the Queen of Griffins in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

Stranger from Paradise Griffin Queen Boss Hyde

When you first enter the room, there are two ways. On the right there is a drop in which players can pass, however they will take damage from falling for the fact that you have passed this route in exchange for approaching the first bomb. On the left of the enemies will be notified of the presence of the player, but any fire that it comes can be absorbed from shield of the soul .

With bombs and bats, you can handle aerogged from magicians or any field of action Combo abilities . Laughty Interception The ability is particularly useful for automatic evasion from fire attacks when damage is applied. If players have white magician unlocked, casting Protect as well as shell Mustocat player.

After the mobs have dealt with, only Queen of Griffins .

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Stranger of Paradise Final Boss + Ending (FF Origin)

Queen Griffonov moving

The queen of griffins can take off into the air, picking and inflicting damage. At this time, it is important to follow it unlocked attack. Potentially it can apply one punch to the player in difficult mode if it does not have protection or HP to resist this.

On the ground, Griffin Queen has many rotational movements that she will try to do. Stuning his moves that deal with Damage from breaking is the most effective way to deal with it. Having weakness to dull damage, Futing battle And also Magic Very good against him.

ash – the best character for the group against this boss, since the call to it will apply tons of damage and potentially shallow boss. All boss attacks blocked except when it uses Aero magic in the air. It hits a lot, and the use of combo abilities blocks the animation of Jack’s attack, turning this fight into battle until he shakes.

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