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FFXIV Multiplayer Guide: How to play with friends

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Final Fantasy XIV has shaped the gaming landscape since its publication and the players travel through the countries to this day. Since new content is available as in Endwalker, there are of course always something news for people to play through, and whether it is the main content of the story or just for fun with other online players in the world, there is a ubiquitous community feeling Through the veins of the game. This guidance article guides you through the process of grouping with others in the game and how you can use the benefits FFXIV multiplayer elements.

How to play in Final Fantasy XIV with others

To invite others to your adventure, you need the chargeable version of the game. However, if you only plan to connect others, you can invite someone else with the paid version to his party. To connect with others and invite people to the game, they can generally navigate to the “party” menu and then go to the “Party Members” section. At this point you can go to the player search area and then decide to search within experience for the name of your character.

Just ask who you want to connect what that is, and then enter it and look for it. Once you have found your character, you can press his name and select “Invite to the Party”. You can also send you a friend request for the same method that will help you to quickly find it. You can also simply search for other available parties or join an invitation that you will receive personally instead.

_ FINAL FANTASY XIV _ is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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