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How to get all the Tifa outfits in Final Fantasy 7 remake

During Final Fantasy 7 _remake chapter 3, _ you have the opportunity to choose one of TIFA outfits. Later in the game, she has the choice of an outfit. However, as there are three choices, many players are curious to know if you can get the three. If you get the nine different costumes for some characters during the game, you will receive a success for that.

To get the three choices of TIFA outfits in the game, you have to go through this specific chapter and finish it at different times. No, you do not need to start the game again several times. You must play through the refare at least once, however. After defeating the game, you unlock the chapter selection option in the game and play freely through any part of the game. You can also do it on any difficulty.

When you unlock the chapter selection, you must return to Chapter 3, where you have the option of choosing TIFA. Make a choice of different outfit, then complete the chapter. There are two other characters you need to make unique dress decisions for later in the game. After getting the three different outfits for the character, you will be able to receive the trophy to have finished.

FFVII All Tifa Outfits & Costumes - Final Fantasy VII Remake 2020

You can repeat one of the chapters on a harder or easier difficulty. You can complete the entire set on the same backup file on the difficult difficulty to have all your characters reach the level 50. It’s a bit like a new game mode more, but that does not start again since the beginning. You can choose to play in any chapter.