Netflix confirms the price rise in other countries

The streaming platform with more fans globally, has decided to increase, again, subscriptions; On the occasion of the plan we have, we can get to pay between $ 2 or $ 3 monthly dollars more consecutively month after month.

It had already risen suddenly during 2021, and it seems that this progressive rhythm of increase responds to competition as to annual seasonality, in relation to the international conjuncture.

main reason for increase

The grown price does not matter any modification in the contents of the service, but rather in the amount of what is paid. We continue to have the same treatment received prior to the increase.

In the words of the signature:

“Our priority goal is to grant a platform full of entertainment that exceeds the expectations of our target audience. We have been updating our list of films and series permanently, as well as the quality of our service. Most notable: is that we continue to strive to favor subscribers with more and better content, renewing the credit they deposit in our company. “

Unlock a perfect shortcut to save money

A virtual private network is a perfect shortcut to access the Internet, through an intermediate point that allows us to avoid high rates, connecting ourselves from other geographical sites that impose significantly minor rates, to expected in the sectorized market of each country.

It provides us intimacy, anonymizing the connection and encrypting all traffic from our connection, and in the case of use in head of professionals and companies, improve security controls by establishing a kind of private local network that is totally isolated from the rest of the rest of The web, between remote devices.

We refer with this to some uses available to enjoy a good VPN to see Netflix **** and have a connection that allows you to visit selective content in some of the as many markets where the giant of the Streaming

VPN streaming

Netflix Price Hike Is Here
The platform has a really large contentor of content to see: from movies, series, documentaries and to television programs. However, the complete catalog suitable in Netflix is ​​not available to reproduce in all countries.

The way in which the standards of authority law work, especially, so that a film has sufficient permits for its transmission in the portal, requires the purchase of the rights of that film. They also have to acquire the rights for each particular country. This could represent relatively lower costs of purchase of communicable rights, for a film in Colombia, for example; Being much more expensive to buy them for the same film in the United States.

Why use a virtual private network in Netflix?

The main task is to insert a complementary layer of intimacy and hermeticism to online activities. To simplify it, we are safer with a VPN that without it. The traffic of the web will circulate concealed, with our unsuspected IP of the threats of any hacker, government agencies that usually hear what we talked when we sail through the web.

VPNs are magnificent tools for the conservation of anonymity and our privacy.

Many suppliers of virtual private networks, have explicit bases and terms that prohibit users from achieving illegal actions when they use the virtual private network.

  • Spread Malwares.

  • Disclose child pornography.

  • _SPAMMING_EN the MAILS Together with other methods.

  • To break with fraud or robbery.

Making sure that illicit activities do not persist, some suppliers of private virtual networks, take preventive measures for detection. These may vary from tactics from iron control, such as the registration of IP addresses and / or the collection of temporary sealed when we log on and leave.

How do Netflix unlock with a private network?

A private network operates in front of the installation of a software on the phone or computer that is responsible for encrypting all the data that our device emits through the Internet. These encryption are intended for a server that runs its virtual private network, where the data is deciphered and sent to its original destination.

This means that when it is linked to a VPN, we can use the Internet freely, only with a single remarkable difference. It appears on the websites that you visit as if you were linked to them from a geographic location of the server, instead from your real location site. For example, if you are linked to a server in Colombia, it will appear as if our traffic originated in Colombia.

Therefore, once we join a virtual private network service for Netflix, we will have to take into account the following tips:

– Perform tests : Through various servers of those who use virtual private networks, in order to locate optimal operation. – Adjust the protocols of the virtual private network : Through various servers that often operate and have to change having to change the server and location. – Choose a different private network: When you persist multiple options – compared to them, maybe before the impairment of using a specific, simply enough use of using a different 1. With the proposal of a virtual private network we have the possibility of saving us the value of the rises of the platform in a really ingenious and reliable way.