“Elden Ring” New Apde delivery started. It is possible to get items with the immediate death defect correction of the beast temple, so I will put up properly

Elden Ring 03/15/2022
A patch note of the new update patch Ver. 1.03.2 was released on March 23 at “ Elden Ring “. Corrections such as defects that suffer from players are incorporated. The patch is checked for delivery start in the PC (STeam) version. It is expected to be initiated sequentially for each platform. The contents of this update are as follows.

· In certain conditions, the NPC “Nepher Luu” event does not proceed correctly
· If you try to get off at a place where you can get into a place that can be released originally near the “Beast Temple”, the defect that the player character will die
· Correction of defects that the effect of the battle skill “patience” does not activate correctly
· In the PC version, a defect that allows other players to move to malformed coordinates during multiplayer

First of all, about defects near the temple of the beast, the voice of sadness was also rising from the player. For example, if the hidden item that could be reached and acquired under the cliff, the hidden item that could be acquired could not be obtained due to the fact that landing and died. This modification is expected to be able to obtain the same item successfully. If you have given up with you, please try again.

Besides, the battle “patience” defects are also corrected. This is a battle technique to increase the toughness that reduces the dead when attacked. However, since the previous Ver. 1.03 update, a fundamental defect in which the toughness no longer increases. When I put up with it, I can get up properly. This fix will be good news for the patience. It has also been corrected for “Bug that other players can be moved to malfere coordinates” in PC version. It is likely to be able to enjoy cooperation and hostile play more relieved.

“Elden Ring” patch Ver. 1.03.2 is delivered in the PC (STeam) version. It is expected to be delivered sequentially on each platform.

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