Signed Strategic Affiliate (MOU) with WMADID, Global Integrated Marketing Platform Company Loverfish

The Wemoid (Representative Jang Hyun Buk) concluded a global integrated marketing platform service enterprise (YOUAPPI) and a strategic alliance (MOU).

Integrated Marketing Communications
Established in 2011, Bee is headquartered in San Francisco, USA, and is a company with strengths in the retargeting campaign and re-engagement marketing, including mobile applications.

In addition, it is a large number of mobile performance campaigns, including the Asia, China, Japan, and Singapore, including Asia, including Asia, including the Asian regions and the worldwide, It is recorded the growth of width.

This partner is a policy that enables the Mobile Game Marketing Solutions and know-how of Lover, and the Gaming Platform Welcome (WEMIX), Gaming Platform Welcome to Global Blocks, and an effective marketing campaign for on-boarded games.

“The best marketing officer), the Bay Nancy Roberts CMO (the best marketing officer),” I am very pleased to cooperate with the Games Platform Welemix, the world’s highest level of block. ” I will not spare a variety of campaign support for achievements. “

Lee Made Jang Hyun Buk, said, “The Global Marketing Company is expected to be more improved by the Global Marketing Corporation, and the brand value of the Wi-Mix is ​​expected to improve,” he said. ” “I said.”