This will be the fines for influencers who promoted the green party illegally

You will remember that not a long time ago, multiple Mexican influencers were wrapped in a huge controversy for having illegally promoted Green Party. Over time, many of them admitted that indeed, they had received money in exchange for promoting this Party, and now that things were already calmed down as for this, we already know what the punishment will be for each of them.

On June 6, 2021, some social networks like Facebook E Instituto collaborated with the National Electoral Institute (INE) to remove messages that these influencers had risen to promote party Green . Although many of them argued that they really did support this game, at the end of the day the truth came to light and yes, all those who did will be sanctioned.

As you could see in the images above, there are fines that range from $ 5 thousand pesos, and others amounting to more than $ 100 thousand. In addition to these fines, these influencers must also publish a message on networks in Where they mention that they did receive money in exchange for promoting the green party **. The message should be as follows:

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“Through a message that I emitted in this social network violated the Electoral Law. The expressions of my publication were illicit, by constituting electoral propaganda for the benefit of a political party at a period in which it was prohibited by law. “

This publication should be shared 24 hours after being notified about this sanction, and must do it for 30 days at a time from 8am to 9am. In addition, they will also be asked to go to a course on Election Equity.

Editor’s note: For at least justice was done, but it is a real pity that something has happened like that has happened. I believe that many of these people underestimate the kind of power that can have in social networks, and because it was not only something illegal, but it is also morally wrong to have done something like that for money.