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FIFA 22, Potm, the player of the month for March the Liga

As every month, EA is preparing to announce the name of the month’s player (Potm of Mars) of the Liga for the mode was FIFA 22. To make, FIFA offers the possibility to fans to vote for one of many Players preselected by the publisher. The vote of fans cash for part of the final result. The winning player will get a special card (receiving a boost) available via a DCE for a month.

The list of players selected for the POTM of the Liga

For the month of March, EA has selected seven players for this trophy. Here, some potentially meta choices with Felix and Aubameyang that could be quite interesting about Fut. Conversely, Benzema will continue to be difficult to use, especially since his MOTP was clearly not a upgrade on his Toty Mh… However, attention because the vote of the players represents only a fraction of the final result. And it is possible that we fall on an absolutely useless card. Thus, since we know that Potm sometimes reserve surprises, be careful before investing massively on cards in Barcelona.

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You can vote on the official website of the competition (source in Spanish) in order to influence the final result.

Selected Players

Final and DCE result for the Potm of the month of March

The final result will be unveiled soon (probably on Thursday, April 7th) and a team creation challenge (DCE) will be set up in the day to obtain a special POTM square for the winner. Obviously, you will find our cheap solution for this DCE immediately after the publication of this challenge on Potm.

In your opinion, who will be elected the player of the month (POTM) for March within the Liga?

Potm and investment on was

The DCE The Liga are generally fairly correct in terms of price (at least on FIFA 21) even though many players invest on these challenges. Indeed, it is recommended to buy the liga players’ cards as regularly possible, including Real and Barca, in order to sell them the day of the release of the DCE.

If you discover the world of FIFA 22, do not hesitate to consult all of our guides was. You can also find the full list of different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges (DCE).