1. FC Cologne | Anthony Modest provides condition for whereabouts

In the interview with the “Geissblog” Köln’s Starstürmer Anthony Modeste talked about his contractual situation. The contract of the French runs until 2023.

The 33-year-old stressed that a secure future planning was important to him. “In April I will be 34 years old. At this age, I do not want to go to the next season with a run-out contract,” if the FC then says next season, “We do not want to extend with you next season! ‘ What do I do? “

If another association, which should irritate the modest, offer the striker a two- or three-year contract, would be the fanbleble “thought and speak with the FC”. Nevertheless, the Bundesligaist stays his “first contact person”.

Accordingly, the goal-threatening player of the 1st FC Cologne look forward to the arrival of Christian Keller, who will start his service as a new managing director for April 1st. Modests announced early talks about his contract with cellar. “He certainly has a lot of work in front of him, and I am pleased to meet him and talk to him,” the striker said.

Create Cologne and Modesten the qualification for Europe?

Anthony Modeste – 1. FC Köln’s Comeback Star

For the 33-year-old it is a very successful season. After his return from his lending at the As Saint-Étienne, he is formally inflated under Steffen Baumgart and has been able to achieve 15 goals in the Bundesliga so far. “I want to crack the 20-goal mark,” announced modests as a personal goal.

But even on a team level, the Domstädter can take a lookous success. The European ranks are seven games before the end of the season only four points away. “I remember that I told my return from China: I would like to play with the FC once in Europe,” explained modests.

Nevertheless, there was no big fight announcement in the direction of competition. “We are in April. We made the league. What is better? Of course, I know what now all want to hear, but we are relaxed and are not under stress,” the Frenchman clearly said. “Without stress, the most beautiful things happen,” he continued.

Perhaps the Effzeh fans expect a double happy ending with a contract extension and the qualification for the European business.