FC Bayern: Thats why Hacki Nagelsmann needs a new nickname

Julian Nagelsmann will probably get a new nickname.
So far, the coach of Bayern Munich was called “Hacki” because hack roast, prepared by him, was his favorite court.
In the future, Nagelsmann wants to nourish vegetarian.
Maybe he will now “Vegan-Hacki” or “Erbsi”, he joked on Friday.
This decision should meet Benjamin Pavard, who also missed him his previous nickname, said Nagelsmann, “Vegan-Hacki or Erbsi, which better tastes him, so he can call me.
The fact that he wants to feed vegetarian in the future, have two reasons, said Nagelsmann.

The most important “keyword” for him is animal welfare, the second of environmental protection.

“Even he did not have to do without fish and flesh. This is a topic that should be important to anyone.”