Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV shows brand-new trailers at the begin of the following experience

With the Addon EndWalker finished Fantasy XIV its 10 year old tale hair as well as currently begins a new fresh journey.
It starts in the patch 6.1 and is commemorated with a brand-new video.

This takes place in 6.1: After completing the fantastic story about both gods Hydaelyn and Zodiark, the update 6.1 proceeds with the story of FFXIV.

GARO x FFXIV Collaboration Trailer
The gamer personality, warrior of light, goes to a brand-new experience.
It leads him to Thavnair, which was offered in Endwalker.
Also in the brand-new 24-man RAID, brand-new dungeons and also a new severe examination.
The upgrade will show up on April 12th.
FFXIV is just one of the MMOS and multiplayer games that we advise in April.