NBA: Los Angeles Lakers before missing the play

The Los Angeles Lakers threatens to miss the play-ins! Despite the return of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the champion of 2020 was lost against the New Orleans Pelicans with 111: 114. LeBron James outline for three quarters, then the air went out.

Los Angeles Lakers (31-46) – New Orleans Pelicans (34-43) 111: 114 (Boxscore)

Anthony Davis and LeBron James, returned to their injuries, did not help in the end. Due to the bankruptcy, the Lakers are now a game behind the Spurs, but in principle it is 2, since the Texans thanks to the better balance against Western Conference teams keep the Tiebreaker.

Lebron James scored 38 points (13/23 FG) and 8 rebounds, but only 2 came in the final portion. James was also the one who had the chance to compensate with the siren, but his threesome became an airball after leaving two Pels defenders.

New Orleans Pelicans vs Los Angeles Lakers - Full Game Highlights | April 1, 2022 NBA Season

The crucial points achieved instead C.J. McCollum (32, 12/23 FG) from the frewurflinie, after the Lakers had missed it, in, for example, Jonas Valanciunas to build a worse freewater. McCollum and Brandon Ingram (29, 10/17, 8 rebounds, 7 assists) were also the L.A. never got under control.

The two stars of the Pelicans fired Jumper around Jumper into the basket and did not score a single point in direct rights. In the Crunchtime, Valanciunas (17, 12 rebounds, 6 assists) provided some big plays. Davis, who after almost two months of break gave his comeback, could only take advantage of his athletic advantages in phases, but in the end was the brew no more factor. In 37 minutes, AD came to 23 points (8/17), 12 rebounds and 6 assists.

Pelicans win thanks to the final spurt at the Lakers

Davis immediately met his first litter for the Lakers, a turnaround jumper over the board, and L.A. began at least offensively strong. 10 of the first 13 throws fell, even James was fast again. Turnover and Defense remained problems, especially McCollum walked at the beginning into open jumps and turned this ice cold. But he too cooled something in the episode, that was for both teams to the break (50:50).

At half-time two then developed a shootout between Lebron and Ingram, where the former buzzed 21 points in the section (season record). Russell Westbrook (12, 5/15, 5 assists), on the other hand, stuck early in foul problems and so sitting for a long time on the bench. Davis, who otherwise straightened almost only under the basket, hit a stepback threesome, but the pels just did not let go (87:86).

LeBron played the full twelve minutes of the third quarter, hit stepbacks, pike after Loose Balls down to the third row, picked up to the basket and yet it remained tight. Westbrook Scoree then at the beginning of the fourth quarter 8 fast counters in a row, including two threesters. After a short break, James built noticeably after a short break, instead, Valanciuna’s three minutes before the end of Downtown.

The nervousness in the arena was noticeable, New Orleans made 7 counters at the piece was with +4 front. But it was not over yet, Lebron found Avery Bradley in the corner, which set 16.5 second before the end on 111: 112. McCollum showed no nerves from the line, a last Lebron threesome for possible compensation made his goal clearly missed.

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The fight for the play-in: table and residual program

Place | Team | Balance sheet

9 | New Orleans Pelicans | 34-43
10 | San Antonio Spurs | 32-45
11 | Los Angeles Lakers | 31-46
| Residual program |
Pelicans | SPURS | Lakers
Clippers (A) | Blazers (H) | Nuggets (H)
Kings (A) | Nuggets (A) | Suns (A)
Blazers (H) | Timberwolves (A) | Warriors (A)
Grizzlies (A) | Warriors (H) | Thunder (H)
Warriors (H) | Mavericks (A) | Nuggets (A)