GTA 6: How credible are the new leaks to the rock star

After taking TWO and Rockstar Games a few weeks ago the development of GTA 6 officially confirmed , there is still no details as the game will actually look. Although recently there was always supposed Leaks , whose authenticity can not be confirmed at the moment yet.

Next Leak to GTA 6 on the Internet

In the reddit forum, a flood of info has now been circulating again to GTA 6, which again provides a lot of conversation below the community. Behind the Leak is the user gta_vi_leak , which has shared details on the upcoming Rockstar project regularly in the last two years. Whether this is really about handproof info, can not be said. However, the fans use these supposed revelations to write about their wishes for GTA 6 **.

What is claimed in the new Leak at GTA 6?

The Leaker indicates that he belongs to a company that cares for marketing Rockstar Games. According to his statement, the Studio $ 100 million is available for advertising. The complete budget for the project is expected to be $ 500 million. Inspirations for locations were apparently caught in Mexico, Brazil and Jamaica. With regard to the Open World of GTA 6, last again, it was always claimed that it will be a ever-growing world .

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From Dominik Zwingmann
31.03.2022 at 16:30