Ibrahimovic about dispute with Raiola: He had swept away her

In his latest autobiography Superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic has released a violent dispute with his long-standing consultant Mino Raiola and explains why he did not want to be in the US at Los Angeles Galaxy during his time in the US that Raiola designed his contract negotiation.

Specifically, it was about the contract extension for the year 2019. “I decide to stay in America again, and therefore negotiate the contract renewal. All alone and without Mino to say something about it, which is why he is the worst Strife we ever had, “describes the 40-year-old in his book adrenalin. What I have not told.

So “Ibra” simply feared that Raiola torpedes an agreement with its extravagant demands. “If Mino had entered the negotiations in America after my first year, he would have asked everything possible, including shares of the Lakers and a bicycle. Mino was too strong for the people there. He had swept away, and I had broken, and I had done everything No longer played in the MLS, “he writes.

This single-way of the striker has burdened the relationship between the two sustainably today. “He told me very badly: ‘You could not do that, Zlatan. That’s my job, I have had to take care of it.’ He was right, of course he was right. But I was afraid that everything would fail. I declared him. He never forgiven me. Not until today. I disappointed him, “Ibrahimovic explains.

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The striker star knew exactly what claims Raiola is capable. For with the contract negotiations before changing to Paris Saint-Germain, there was a whole list of it. “Mino notes everything on a piece of paper, and finally he fully has the whole leaf with extras. ‘Do not you want a bike to go to the city?’, He finally asks me about this endless To raise the series of claims, “he writes in his biography. Ibrahimovic but still approved – and eventually got his bike from the PSG officers.