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So you get an apartment in FFXIV: a house if you can not buy a real house

Similar to the real world, some people in the world of Final Fantasy XIV urgently need an apartment, but they can not afford to get into the dream house they deserve. Thanks to one of the many updates that this game has received, however, you can get one in your hands residential building go in!

FFXIV How To See If A House Or Apartment Is For Sale In Game

Where do you find a residential building in FFXIV, and is your time and your hard-earned Gil worth? Follow us if we immerse yourself in the advantages and disadvantages of the apartment buildings in Final Fantasy XIV and if you are investing!

FINAL FANTASY XIV – How do I get an apartment?

As you cart on your journey through this MMO, you can buy an apartment for 500,000 Gil and at least just 50 in a particular class. This is a fairly favorable matter compared to the house purchase. Each place in the residential quarters also has an apartment complex so you can try to find your dream village. The fog accidentally has The topmast which is located in the west of the city, The lavender beds has lily hill in the northeast of the city, the goblet has the breath The sultanin located in the southwest, Shirogan has Kobai Goten in the northern part of the city, and Empyreum has Ingleside .

The benefits of purchasing one of these apartments are that you can store 100 pieces of furniture inside, as well as a place keep your chocobo on outside the building at the Chocobo stall , so it additional XP receives. In the Chocobo stable you can also change the color of your faithful buddy and help other tenants to train their feathered friends!

You will not do not lose your apartment If you unsubscribe for a long time, as the place belongs to you until you give it up. So in contrast to houses, which are deleted thereafter 45 days inactivity You can look like your apartment as well as the day as you got you if you can not access it for a while!

The only major disadvantages that exist would be that the floor plans are quite small, so you have to find ways to fit everything you have, if you have received many furnishings and there is only a very limited amount of it gardening on which you can participate. So if you find that you enjoy the ability to have a garden and maintain, the apartment may not be your best choice.

For players who come from Final Fantasy XIV and go and can not log in often, the apartment is an excellent choice . Since its total cost are much more effective than the price of a house, every player could acquire a purchase and make sure he has a place he can go after he killed some monsters and completed quests!

FINAL FANTASY XIV is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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