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The best free ribs in FFXIV: the easiest to collect and ride

Through years of revision and redos, Final Fantasy XIV came back to a whole new way on the world. When it was published for the first time, people did not want to do with it, but with the reborn empire update and conversion, it has become one of the most popular ones MMORPG games on the planet. This game brings the world of Final Fantasy in a way to life that has never been possible beforehand and get countless updates and patches. Since its first publication, this game has completed a complete turnaround and offers players a wealth of content that needs to be achieved.

One of the funniest things that can cause a game is to become different connections , with which you can travel stylishly the world. However, some are much easier to get than others, and we will go through them and list five of the simplest ribs the players can get in Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV – the simplest mounts in the game

5. Summoner Unicorn Riding of Level 30

One of the easiest ribs in the game is the unicorn riding which is completed and guaranteed if you complete the side quest “Unicorn Power” had Summoner of the stage 30 . Since the game wants you to grind as much as possible to get the best possible equipment for your character, this goal is a simple performance and allows you to tape the levels stylish.

4. Mountain Dalm

3 Easy to Get Mounts in FFXIV

There are a few different ways to get this special mount in your fingers, and one of the ways you can do this is to buy it 200,000 gil on the market committee . You can also unlock this huge render by clicking on quests for the mug of happiness but you can easily continue to get this in your hands by buying it when you have the extra gil.

3. Magitek armor mount

The scary Magitek mountain is another that is pretty easy to get into the hands, as you only have to move through the main scenario quest and finish the Ultimate Weapon Quest , and you Will this great mount get your hands. You can also get into the air with this render and fly around the world where you are located, as well as bringing the fight with some powerful attacks to unleash your enemies.

2. Flying riding of the Air Force

Inspired by the real aircraft that inspired him, you can lift off in the air Flying riding of the Air Force , which is equally enchanting and frightening. As long as you have some powerful friends, you will be able to get this guaranteed drops from the completion of the SIGMASCAPE V4.0 in Savage mode . You will probably not create this alone, so you need to make sure you have some mighty friends or people who help you with this game.

1. Black chocobo

In order to get this beautiful bird in the fingers, you only have to complete Divine Intervention Search in the Sky Water Main scenario. Since this is a fairly straightforward task, in which not much hard work is to be made, this grants the black chocobo number one of our simplest ribs to be found. It allows you to race through the countries, and it’s great to get it in your hands!

And this is our list of the top 5 of the easiest ribs in Final Fantasy XIV! Are you agreeing with our decisions? Since the game is constantly adds new content, this may change in the future, so keep an eye on our Final Fantasy XIV page to find out everything about the new items, quests and more to be added to the game!

FINAL FANTASY XIV is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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