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Concuser blades, service 2 anniversary events

The Booming Tech is a large-scale event that will be developed and served in its owner’s 1,500 VS 1,500 3D online strategy RPG ‘Conqueror’s Blade’ I was officially announced today.

The second anniversary of the Concurus Blade, which began on April 1, the 2nd anniversary of the 2nd anniversary of the world’s official launched game through the ‘Steam’, and saves the game for two years, It is a large-scale event prepared to convey the heart of gratitude to the domestic users who cheered.

If you look at each of the 2-year events, you can first see the ‘Concuser 2nd anniversary Community Event’. When connecting to the event period game, it can be confirmed that the celebration message and the game phrase & messer (catch phrase) delivered by the world to celebrate the second anniversary of the service.

After you look around the walls, you choose the most favorite phrase, then take a self-friendly phrase, take a self-study to the background, and put a hash tag on your Twitter account, and you will be finished with all the procedures.

The Bumming Tech will announce the event of the event, which will announce the event, and the first prize for the first prize for the first prize for the first time, including the 30 days of the agreement, random sophistot weapon box, random Epic Box, ancient battlefield letter, legendary weapon box, We plan to deliver a high benefit.

A total of nine users from the second and fourth, will be separately drawn by a variety of benefits, including 30 days and random sophistication boxes. In addition, the user who received the three ‘liker’ on the tweet is paid 14 days of the agreement to receive premium benefits within the game as a basic compensation.

In addition, the 2nd anniversary festival is also held together. Concuser Blade Official YouTube Channel This festival that can be seen through a new updated total of 47 seconds on a channel. In this festival, this festival is expected to be able to participate as many users as possible. It is a dialogue.

The Bumming Tech is a policy that domestic users are implementing ‘military quests’ and ‘April Fool’s Events’ for the entire users who are active on the Asian server that are active in the Asian server.

The Bumming Tech official said, “I have been in the second anniversary of the two-year-old Concus Blade Formal Service, which was a member of a lot of users, and I have been in the second anniversary of the Concurus Blade Formal Service, especially since last year, The number of users (DAU) is also aimed at 1.5 times a value of rising. That’s why Korean users are a part of the game we are developing, and we also have to raise interest in the future, and we will develop and develop various collaboration, I plan to try to do it. “

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Meanwhile, the two-year-old conkliers can be confirmed by the game official cafe with respect to the two anniversary community events and festivals.