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Dont miss it if it is a core gamer! This weeks indie-Open World Survival that lives in loneliness after nuclear Wars

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This week, the open world survival “ Dead Man’s Diary “, which survives the end of the end of the nuclear war, and the Spanish Japanese-style horror “ IKAI ” influenced by Japanese folklore, up to 8 people It is three of the asymmetric party games “ Just Act Natural ” that can be enjoyed for free.

# Dead Man’s Diary

Developer TML-Studios has started selling open world survival adventure “Dead Man’s Diary” on March 30, 2022. This work is a survival game aiming for survival in the world 15 years after the nuclear war. We will search for only one of the dangers and adjacent worlds and lives only for what you found.

Players explore locations such as industrial parks and ruins, dark forests, and secure food and drinking water. Find a safe place and create a base and craft the bed and equipment. Currently, more than 50 hours of content is implemented, and the story will be spoken through the main character’s monocular and diary. It is also characterized by a photorealistic world view made by Unreal Engine, and the beautiful world is expressed while being withdrawal after the nuclear war.

# Ikai

The Japanese-style horror “IKAI” handed by Spain’s developer ENDFLAME released on March 29, 2022. This work is a psychohorroller game of a first person persimmon with inspiration from Japanese folklore. The player will operate the main character’s maiden to unlike the mystery of the story.

The stage of the stage is joined by Japanese ghosts, monsters and monsters, and tries to trace the character of the guardian tag to seal the strange sounds and events that are happening around. Maiden does not have a means to attack enemies directly, and sometimes stealth, dashes, and sometimes they seem to narrow down wisdom to face various monsters. STEAM is also delivered DEMO version, so how should I play if you are concerned about?

# Just Act Natural

This work is an asymmetric online party game featuring cute design. Early access was completed on March 26, 2022 and a formal release. The player is divided into the latent side and the attack side, and the latent side is confusing to the NPC, and the attack side will find the latent and add the latent to the attack side.

This work can be played simultaneously with up to eight players. There are free and paid premium versions, and the premium version adds four stages and six new game modes. Also, all characters and stages are handcrafted by clay and are implemented in the game by photograph scanning.