Elden Ring: Improve Weapons & Find Forged Stones

In this Weapon Guide to Elden Ring you will learn:

  • How to improve weapons in elden ring
  • Where you can find anvil and blacksmith
  • Where forging stones let farm

In Elden Ring, fights are on the agenda, so you should always be equipped with the best possible swords, magic sticks or armrests. As you improve weapons and find the necessary forged stones, we explain in this guide.

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Weapons improve in Elden Ring: That’s how it works

In principle, you can improve every weapon in Elden Ring and should do that regularly. Against the great story bosses and in later regions you can barely see standard weapons. In order to improve weapons in Elden Ring, the reinforcing materials forged or dark forging stone ** is needed, depending on the type of weapons. On an anvil or with a blacksmith you can do the necessary work.

You already recognize the level of your combat tail. For example, your sword carries the name “long sword”. If you improve the weapon, its level increases and it is called “long sword [+1]”. You can improve normal weapons up to level 25 , the limit of special weapons is at level 10.

Where can I improve weapons in Elden Ring?

The first station where you can improve weapons in Elden Ring, you will find you shortly after the tutorial. Defeated or bypasses the boss tree guard (guide) and find you in the church of Elleh. There she meets the dealer Kalé, next to the an amboss stands. Here you can create your own hand and improve weapons up to a thickness of +3.

For improvements over level 3 you need a blacksmith. You have to get to the chalkboard of grace. Go left on the left side of the open fireplace and your meets forge master Hewg . As you find the church of Elleh and an abbreviation to the table-round festivals, you read in the linked article and in our tips guide to Elden Ring.

Alternatively, you can also start 12 different places of grace – then Melina also appears and brings you to the Tafelgrundfeste.

Weapons improve in Elden Ring: This is how the blacksmiths differ

Elden Ring | How to Get UNLIMITED Smithing Stones for Early Weapon Upgrades!

The improvement materials for weapons differ fundamentally in forged stones for normal weapons and dark merge stones for special weapons . Both forms are available in different strengths. The farther you would like to improve a weapon, the higher the strength of the blacksmith’s strength. The required amount of blacksmiths differs depending on the type of weapons.

In order to achieve the highest level of normal weapons (level 25) and special weapons (stage 10), your needs rare forms of forged stones : the ancient dragon forging and the ancient dragon signing st1. Both materials can only be found in very late quests.

Forged stones and their effect in the overview

Type of blacksmithing Effect of the forged test
Blacksmithing [1] For weapons to stage +3
Blacksmithing [2] For weapons to stage +6
Blacksmithing [3] For weapons to stage +9
Blacksmithing [4] For weapons to stage +12
Blacksmithing [5] For weapons to level +15
Blacksmithing [6] For weapons to level +18
Schmiedestein [7] For weapons to stage +21
Blacksmithing [8] For weapons to level +24
Old calm Dragon Master Improves weapons at level +25
Dark Memorial [1] to [9] For special weapons of level +1 to +9
Ancient dragon futings Improves special weapons at level +10

Elden Ring: Forged Stones Farms

Forged stones and dark merge stairs can occur in the Open World as special finds in treasure chests or secret locations. Even some opponent types drop forged stones. In this case, you should increase your attribute “Arcane Energy” . It improves the chances of high-quality finds in defended opponents. More about the attributes read in our class guide to Elden Ring.

Nomadic dealers occasionally have forgings until level 2 in the range , which you can buy for a few runes. Some blacksmiths also offer forged stairs and dark forgings in different levels for sale.

Especially good farm spots for blacksmithing and dark merge stones are the mines dungeons in Elden Ring . You can see them on the map on an inconspicuous little black symbol (see screenshot below). The farther her in the Open World penetrates, the higher-level blacksmiths and dark forgings will find you there.

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