Untitled Goose Game: How to steal a pint and place it in the canal

How to Steal a Pint Glass and Drop It in the Canal in Untitled Goose Game
You’re not going to find the best time to be a goose than going to a small _untitled goose game. and throw it in the river. You will, however, meet several obstacles during this task.

How to steal the beer glass and place it in the canal in the game Untitled Goose

The obvious thing to do is to grab the glass of one of the tables, to rush out of the pub and cross the street to throw it in the river. Easy? Not exactly. Unfortunately, the beer glass is exceptionally delicate. If you let it fall on the floor or try to place it, it will break. You do not want to remove it from your beak at no time until you throw it into the channel.

Before taking the glass, you must distract the man who keeps the main entrance. The fastest way to do it is to steal his tomatoes in the box behind him. Take the trio, or one, and place it in a hidden place. To attract his attention, honk a few times and then hide under the pub. It will not notice you, but it will notice the missing tomato.

Now you can catch the glass of pint. You can run to one of the stairs and ride them by catching the object. With the back of the man turned to you, you can get out of the pub and cross the street. If you meet the delivery man, avoid it because you could drop the glass.

Cross the street and jump into the water. When you throw the pint in the glass, you will check this task from your checklist. You can return to the ad in the same way that you entered it.