Lost arc, Mamatch and Moko birthday events

The Smile Gate RPG (Representative Assistance) is a member of the Representative MMORPG (MMORPG), the Representative MMORPG (Multi-Language Role Performance Games), which is developed and service, commemorates the birthday of ‘Mokoko’ in Rost Arc It is said that the special event was carried out 5 days (T).

Mokoko is characterized by a special seed that appears in the Rost Arc world view, and a mascot of the adventurers is receiving a lot of adventurers. Smile Gate RPG shows a variety of events that pay a rich benefit to the adventurers on April 5, Mokko’s birthday.

First, through the collaboration last year, the Burger and Chicken Brand Mamatch, which caused ‘out of stock’, and once again on the collaboration, the “Deep Chi Birthday Party Set” do. Mokko Birthday Party Settles can meet on April 16 (Sat) from Saturday, May 15 (Sunday), May 15 (Sun) can meet at the National Mamthotch store for a month, and adventurers who purchased the goods are special coupons And ‘Mokoko Figures’ can be received as a gift. In addition, during the sales period, the Momoso birthday party set will order Moko Birthday party set to present a variety of roast arc official Goods through lottery.

In addition, from Sat) from Saturday, May 16 to Sunday, Mamatchrab Garden reverse osmastics will transform ‘Mokoko’ into a special pop-up store decorated with theme, and give new memories to adventurers. The pop-up store is decorated with a large Mokoko (a large Mokoko) and a photo zone with a birthday cake, as well as various Mokkoko Goods, and waiting for adventurers. If you visit the store directly to visit Moko Birthday party set, you can also get a limited quantity of ‘Mokoko Pin Button badge’ and ‘Moko Sticker’ in addition to the special coupon and Moko figures.

Smile Gate RPG and Mam Ematch are using the sales proceeds of this ‘Mokoko Birthday Party Set’, and will also conduct donation campaigns that convey the hearts of adventurers where they need a touch of theft of the country.

Meanwhile, Smile Gate RPG prepared not only Mamatch Collaboration, as well as Mokkoko birthday party events, which were in itself. First, visit the Roast Arc official website from April 5 to 20th (Wed) to visit the official website of Mokko, a birthday celebration event that paid a variety of Rost Arc Goods through a lottery of the adventurer Proceed. In addition, in 2022, the ‘Moko Calendar’ and the newly created wallpapers, Wallpapers, such as ‘Mokoko Pangkits’, will be released through the official homepage for all adventurers to download.

Finally, the donation campaign, which was held with the last winter update, the Tree of Fraiya Hope, and recently, the recent product sold out, and the Propecal of Mokkoko Goodshop, which is terminated, and the forest composition of Mokoko hope, We are planning to continue the efforts of the Roast Arc style reduction, including additional donation campaigns, including campaigns that support children’s dreams.

The Smile Gate RPG support is really glad to celebrate Moko’s birthday on the day that the new life in the game, “Mokoko”, which symbolizes the seeds, which symbolizes the seeds of Mokoko. As a result, we will continue to cultivate more adventurers to the IP, “I will be able to foster it as an IP that presents a pleasant memories. I said.

For more information on roast arcs, you can check through the Rost Arc official website.