P2E, Long Tong Koreas irradiation Kangho Global Dongchu exceeded 500,000

Long Tong Korea said on the 8th, a subsidiary Thai Mobile said that the P2E newly trained P2E new enemies are the number of concurrent users from a week.

The Global Global Global is a P2E game entering the W Mix. The mobile game released in 2017 is the utility token ‘Tigo Tokka (TIG) and the P2E version where the game goods crystal is applied to the utility token.

S. Korean gov't allows gradual increase of international flights from May
The Global Global Global has participated in a global dictionary reservation. Thai Mobile explained that the user has increased and the server has increased from 20 to about 90 servers. In addition, Global P2E ranking site played in the playoffs and recorded second place in search and visitor ranking. Thailand Apple App Store took the 6th place to get a great response in the Southeast Asia region.

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