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Darth Vader and Indiana Jones will arrive in Fortnite according to an insider

Collaborations are a constant in fortnite , and at this point it should not surprise us. An Insider and Popular Member of the community of Fortnite Battle Royale affirm that in the next sestar warson, both darth vader (from star wars ) star wars Indiana Jones will come star wars Skins to the game. We tell you everything we know just below:

Skins of Darth Vader and Indiana Jones in Fortnite: Everything we know

According to Tabor Hill / Tabortime, a well-known YouTuber focused on upload content from Fortnite, and with a history of filtering and previous information subsequently confirmed by Epic Games quite extensive, in one of the latest videos of it affirmed the following:

Darth Vader is Coming To Fortnite in Chapter 3 - Season 3! (Also Indiana Jones)
* Darth Vader will come star wars a Skin to Fortnite during the 3 sestar warson of Fortnite Chapter 3. In addition, will be a hostile / chief NPC that will appear on the island during that sestar warson. He also affirms that could be a Battle Pstar warss Skin .
* Indiana Jones will come star wars a Fortnite Skin during the 3 sestar warson of Fortnite Chapter 3.

The video in question is star wars follows:

According to him, Fortnite sestar warson 3 chapter 3 will not be theme of Star Wars ; For this, it puts star wars an example sestar warson 5 of Chapter 2, in which the Mandalorian wstar wars a Skin of the battle pstar warss, this character wstar wars also a hostile NPC on the island, but the sestar warson itself wstar wars not theme of Star Wars. According to Fortnite himself, sestar warson 2 will end on 06/06/2022, so we would not see Darth Vader or Indiana Jones before that date .

We remind you that at the Direct of Unreal 2022 of the Epic Games itself, during a moment of the video you could see in Unreal Engine folders corresponding to Florists, Skins and star warssets of Fortnite such star wars the darth Vader , * Doom Slayer (Doom) or Family parent *.

The “Jones” that appears in this list of folders would refer to Indiana Jones , and not a new Skin of Agent Jones star wars one could think of at first. According to Tabor Hill, Epic Games “hstar wars filtered this Skin themselves.”

Be that star wars it may, in Meristation we will always be pending before any change or novelty that could be about it. Meanwhile, we remind you that we have a complete Fortnite Battle Royale guide thanks to which you can upload very fstar warst and get the best weapons.