Runes farmed made easy: How to find the Golden Skarab

Whether magicians or carvers, soulsborne veteran or curious newcomers, in Elden Ring all players share a feature: they need runes . The currency of the game is not only the key to objects for dealers or improving your weapon, it is essential to increase your character values.

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Many players, during their passage, always take the time to cure a horde of ever-like opponents to remove their runes and achieve a higher level. But you can make these farm tours even much more efficient, namely with the Talisman “Golden Skarab” .

Where is the Golden Skarab Talisman hidden in Elden Ring?

This beautifully brooch increases the number of runes that you will receive by defeated opponents to be whopping 20%. If you equip the Talisman for your next Farmeng session, you either save a lot of time or reaches a higher level at the end: both tempting prospects for which a small trip to Caelid is worthwhile.

Because there, in the middle of red-rotting hell, the Golden Skarab has hidden. It is located in the abandoned cave , but first to be found: On the map is located in the middle of the gorge, which separates the southern Caelid of Greyoll’s Dragon Hill and west of the telescope of the region.

Follow the best of the smoldering wall to northeast until you arrived at the gorge: From here you should be able to spy out the cave. Let’s fall on the close leadership and then climbs over the huge roots to the cave entrance. Who feels safe on the back of storm wind can work with the double jump of the horse.

What awaits me in the abandoned cave?

However, you should not go unprepared for exploration tour. The abandoned cave has a few nasty opponents and even clearly worse rascal puddles parat. Helpful for your descent, the consumables are “preserving boli”, which can heal their rot, a torch or a lantern to brighten the darkness and a dagger.

The latter almost all have the ability “Quickstep”, with which they can also be able to rope through slowing areas such as poisonous or rot puddles. To do this, sets out the dagger in your right hand and pushes repeatedly the button for the ability. That costs FP, but should save you some annoyances. Just do not forget to switch back to your other weapon when contacting opponents!

The abandoned cave itself does not really offer much scope for walking: Follow the only way and best uses the just mentioned dagger tactics or keep you as far as it goes on the walls to avoid a rascal infection. At the end of the cave then awaits you another challenging boss fight .

At first you are only confronted with a reinplay knight who will soon receive company through a second. As soon as you have thrown the foul duo into the dust, beckons as a reward of the Golden Skarab. With that you do not have to worry about Runen procurement for the rest of the game.

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