“Steam Deck” User request Feature also introduced-One month from the release, Valve will further improve

Why Steam Deck is ALMOST perfect
Valve has published a report that has been one month has passed since the release of Portable Gaming PC “ Steam Deck “.

It has already been about one month from the end of February, but this period has become a good opportunity to collect feedback. In the future, Steam Deck has expressed to improve several months, several years. Previously, we have interviewed that various functional requests were given in a week after release, but their track pad typing has already been introduced.

Besides, the game with “confirmed” and “playable” marked with the response status to Steam Deck is more than 2,000 times in only one month. In the future, it will increase further. The anticheet function also promotes firm support, and provides an efficient path of BattleEye and Easy Anti-Cheat’s two major anticht systems to developers who have selected Steam Deck. “Elden Ring” and “Apex Legends” are examples of titles that use this.

Steam Deck has its own OS installed by default, but it has been supported by Windows 10. Developing Windows drivers is also promoting, and the response to Windows 11 is also in progress. Also, about important audio drivers, we plan to continue soon.