The SG Wattenscheid 09 is approaching the SC Paderborn II

The SG Wattenscheid 09 is a big piece in the two climbing places. But the SGW came into distress away from the sports club Schermbeck. So Smykacz just shot over and hit little later the post. Özdemir was previously found in Wattenscheid’s goalkeeper Staudt his master.

Almost out of the blue led from the 35th minute but the guests. From a half-right position, Casalino came to completion and sank the leather. In the 40th minute, the scorer would have had to yield his second hit, but his foul feet was so weak shot that Schermbeck’s Keeper Geraedt could parry. In the 63rd minute, Yesilova grabbed the ball as it gave penalty for the zero newer and made it better than his teammate, 2: 0. That Yesilova also consists of harder testing, he showed in the 82nd minute: Since he sat down a direct free kick into the opposing case for 3: 0 final score.

The second representation of the SC Paderborn 07, on the other hand, picked up the FC Eintracht Rheine. Knüver achieved the lead in the 20th minute, drreams made the lid on five minutes before the end.

Pazurek makes it in the second start

Table leaders 1. FC Kan-Marienborn against SV Westfalia Rhyners sat down. The guests caught a start to measure, Probst networked to guide (3.). But Pazurek set to 1: 1 in the 9th minute, when he turned a penalty in marginal shot by scattering direct acceptance. Sezers free kick shortly before the break almost the cheeses had brought leadership, but the latte was in the way. In a very balanced lot, Kan-Marienborn nevertheless worked on the leadership. And that fell in the 69th minute. Hammel served for Hoffmann, who successfully fired a sharp shot (69.). Rhyners replied with the 2: 2 by di Vinti (78.), but that did not last long, as Hammel brought almost 120 seconds later in front in front. The FCKM brought this advantage to the finish.

Oberliga Westfalen 21/22 21.SP SC Paderborn 07 II (U21) - SG Wattenscheid 09
For the TuS Erndtebrück and the ASC 09 Dortmund, the ascent is probably no longer a topic, in the Sunday duel it was the Tus, who retained according to Gates of Inada (62.) and Schardt (80th) with 2: 0 the upper hand.

The game between FC Gütersloh and the Sportfreund Siegen was canceled because the association wants to work completely and descend the game crash from the past Thursday.