Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy 14 publishes full notes of patch 6.1 before the update

The last update for Final Final XIV_ will be launched on April 12, which will take the MMORPG to version 6.1. Before release, Square Enix has published full patch notes, which reveal all the new things that fans can expect to see. In particular, the update presents new missions of main scenarios, treasure searches, items that can be manufactured, homes and more. It seems a fairly significant update in general, but the accessibility of the content will vary according to the expansion packets that have purchased the players. You can find a complete breakdown of all changes for each version on the official website of the game. right here.

6.1 Patch Notes - Job Changes - They are really doing THIS, right?

While version 6.1 seems to be quite substantial, Square Enix has great plans for the future of the game. Earlier this year, the game developers shared a 10-year leader, describing a series of changes that are planned. The largest of them will be a significant review of the game graphics, but that is not planned until version 7.0, so the fans will wait a while. At the moment, the fans will have to settle for the changes made in 6.1. It remains to be seen how the players will feel with the real changes once they have experienced what version 6.1 has to offer, but we hope these changes are for better!

Fantasy Final XIV has accumulated passionate followers since its debut, and that has been especially true during the last year, since the game experienced a large increase in new players after Streamers as Asmongold began to play. In a moment, the interest came off so much control that Square Enix was forced to temporarily stop the sales of the game. Fortunately, that is no longer the case, but it is interesting to see how the game has managed to attract so much attention lately!

Fantasy Final XIV is now available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

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