One Piece: Gear 5 – Everything we know about Ruffys new devil power

One Piece allows Monkey D. Ruffy to reach Gear 5 in the latest manga chapter. Thus, the hero swings to new heights, he gains new skills and literally grows beyond himself. At the same time, some information about the devil’s fruit is betrayed, which is behind the Power Boost for Ruffy and we learn news about certain contexts. Let’s take a closer look at that and collect the well-known to Gear 5 and everything that belongs to it.

One Piece: Ruffy reaches Gear 5, but what does that mean?

Ruffy switches a gear high: After Gear 4, logically follows sometime, it is in the One Piece Universe around the power levels, the protagonist Ruffy achieves with the help of its devil fruit. For example, they enable him to deform his limbs like rubber to ward off pistol shots and much more.

How is it? To tap these forces at all, Ruffy had to eat a devil’s fruit. So far, we were assumed that this is the so-called Gum-Gum fruit (which is not quite right). These devil fruits are rar sown and give very different skills.

Ruffy’s awakening: In Manga Chapter 1043, it almost looked almost as if Ruffy were in the fight against Kaido. In the best Cliffhanger-Manier, he almost died, only in chapter 1044 and 1045 with even more power to return. That’s because his devil’s fruit is awakening, which gives her to its skills and thus ruffy another energy boost.

More to unveiling Gear 5 Lest in this reach Gear article:

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Better than hoped:

One Piece finally shows Ruffy’s new form


One Piece – Gear 5: All information about skills, meaning and more

The devil fruit on itself turns out to be a very special, significantly more powerful fruit as originally intended. It is not like previously thought of the relatively ordinary Gum Gum fruit, but rather about the mystical cryptid-zoan fruit called human-human-fruit, model: Nika.

NO WAY ODA REALLY DID THIS!! Luffy's New Lightning God Power REVEALED in One Piece Chapter 1046

Divine Forces: This means above all that Monkey D. Ruffy is now apparently a kind of reincarnation or at least personalization of the Sun God Nika, if he uses Gear 5. This includes the skills of God, about which it is said, he is the “epitome of freedom” and have fierce power. Ruffy himself believes that Gear 5 is all possible.

Like Nika and Joy Boy: This very special fruit keeps the world in breath for more than 800 years and even the world government is afraid of their power. It should also be around the devil fruit, which the legendary Joy Boy has eaten centuries. What his skills and similarities could explain between Nika, Joy Boy and Ruffy.

That can Ruffy now: With the help of the awakened devil fruit, Ruffy swings to new heights.

  • Change body size: Ruffy transforms within a very short time into a huge Gum gum giant, which simply pack Kaido in its dragon shape and skip around.
  • Slight magnify: Arms and legs can now be more likely to increase with shorer, without having to inflate them first.
  • Resistance enhanced: Ruffy can catch a flash with his hand and easily stops the fiery flame breath of Kaido without taking hard damage to it.
  • Rubberraft Transfer: No longer just his own body, but also everything possible around Ruffy can now take over rubber-like properties, such as the floor, with the attacks can be removed.
  • Appearance : Ruffy gets thanks to Gear 5 fiery-white hair, is played by a kind of smoke and his eyes light up golden. His clothes are also white, his eyebrows grow and buckle up.

  • Ruffy’s behavior: Through the devil fruit forces, Ruffy looks significantly alber and childlike. He laughsually laughing down, amusing his own heartbeat and cuts straight aerwitzy gratters. He laughs, dances and the whole thing seems to be transferred to his environment.

  • Side effects: After the noise power thrust, of course, a great exhaustion begins. Gear 5 Requires a lot of energy and Ruffy looks pretty fast.

But even away from Gear 5 is currently really busy at One Piece. Coming soon with One Piece: Odyssey a new RPG, a collection card game was also announced and next to the new animation film One Piece Red is also a live action adaptation as a Netflix series with real actors.

How do you find Gear 5 so far? What did you expect what hoped?