Cosplay to The Witcher: So nice would be a female version of Rittersporn!

How would a character look like if you would change your gender? This question raises many of the different figures from films, games, series and books. How cool can be such a project as a project shows the Cosplayerin Halloffemme on Reddit. Because she has banned the fan favorite Knittersporn from the Netflix series to The Witcher and thus delivered a terrific cosplay. Or what do you mean? See yourself!

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Female knight’s spur as a cosplay: the result of a lot of manual work

We are very excited about Halloffemmes work. Because the diligent artist has done the outfit with the cool leather coat, the floral embroidered shirt and the chic hat in as much handmade possible! _ “I do not buy much prefabricated, I like to punish myself by making it on the hard tour.” _ In the comments, she explains the also enthusiastic users of / r / cosplay, which she did everything to this great look to be delivered.

The manufacture itself was probably not even as long as another task: _ “Dyeing and embroidering the vest has taken longer, but hunting it through my machine and to use all rivets, was a great performance.” _ But the Coat itself is not a slight undertaking – literally. Because the garment should have a lot of weight – and incidentally consists of vegan leather. The reason is also pragmatic: genuine leather would have been too expensive and much more difficult to dye.
In The Witcher 3, Rittersporn has a lot more pompomane look than in the Netflix series. Source: Nvidia
In any case, the result is a real eye-catcher, which probably noticed a relative of the cosplayer. On the statement of a user who would like to walk around every day, they reveals them: _ “My nephew would like to borrow the coat for the proms, so you’re not alone.” _ It will probably not be with this character, the You want to stage with another gender – Magneto from X-Men is probably after a comment next. We are looking forward to your interpretation!

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