Destini Child Illustrations of the Writers come from NFT

KKUEM (KKUEM), a national illustrator, is a non-fungible token, an alternative token (non-fungible token).

The shift-up is released on the 15th, its representative illustrator trekjukyun writer works 2 points to the “Export NFT” drops to the “Update NFT” drops.

The first NFT work of the writer is’ brilliant smile ‘and’ night sky. And as a girl in love was smiling, ‘as’, the unique way of trimming the beauty of the subject is prominent.

NFT's Explained in 4 minutes!

Both works are sold in the Ubn NFT on April 21 in the English Auction Method. Memorial artist is a real picture frame, and it is a real picture frame and provides a winning pollution with his autograph sign.

‘The Written writer said, “It is very attractive as an artist that” I can share the value of my work forever, and share the value of works with collectors. “” Two works, ” There is also a unique storytelling, and I want to enjoy the message of the work. “

Meanwhile, ‘Tickm’ Cha Ji Yoon’s writer has begun to attract attention to game won since 2006, while overwatch, spreading in Milian Arthur, Destini Child, and the domestic superstitable illustrator. She recently launched a shift-up new victory for the launch of this year: Nikkelid Artist.