League of legends

Lol: the horrific work that embarrassed Riot and gave rise to a great meme of the community

League of Legends is a game with a lot of history full of small anecdotes and coincidences that have given rise to the title exactly as we know it today. On several occasions we have seen as a small decision of Riot Games has changed the future of the game or has become a recurring meme for the community. It is the case of Rammus , which since its launch became one of the most sympathetic characters for players due to their scarce lines of dialogue and the simplicity of Him phrases.

A lousy work that embarrassed Riot Games

My Response To Riot Games
What not many players know about Rammus is that the initial plan of the developer was not at all special. Riot Games used a non-professional dubbing actor to record the phrases of the champion, who was going to have the usual lines of dialogue from the rest of the characters. However, developers were found with a frightening result. Such and how the company said in some of the comments on which it reveals curiosities about the characters, the disaster was such that I did not even want the rest of the team to hear the recording .

Due to the disaster, an employee of the company had to lie to the team behind the back and recorded in just fifteen minutes a series of provisional phrases . The goal is to serve to carry out the final launch tests of the champion. Between this situation and lack of training, they decided to bet on simple things. However, at the time of launching Rammus decided not to change it because then League of Legends premiered a new champion every two weeks. Time was thrown over and did not have a lot of room for maneuver.

As they did not want to risk, their sentences are very simple and barely articulates four or five words followed on occasions. However, the community liked this form of differentiation. So, they decided not to change it since then to maintain their essence . Although it may seem nonsense, League’s players are quite exquisite with these situations and hate that their characters lose some of the characteristics that define them.

This type of situations were not unusual in the company’s past. An anecdote even less known regarding the League of Legends champions is Corki’s. The dubbing actor was a mere amateur who barely received $ 300 of retribution for his service. A situation that told the one in charge of putting a voice to the champion. In that case the bet went perfect, but not every day he was going to be lucky with such a scarce budget. It’s not that Riot Games did not want to pay well, but By then they barely won the right to survive .