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Kingdom Hearts 4 will never published Final Fantasy – and thats disturbing

A first trailer to Kingdom Hearts 4 gives long-time fans an insight into Sora’s next adventure – and this is alien. Unless said: It looks less like Kingdom Hearts, but all the more to Final Fantasy versus 13. A game that never appeared and now apparently gets his second chance. A comment.

It is the story of a man, Tetsuya Nomura, who grabbily holds on an idea. But what does that mean for Kingdom Hearts 4? Between curiosity and concerns – these are my thoughts.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Will Embrace The Cancelled Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Final Fantasy versus 13: Nomuras unborn child

Everything has an end, just Kingdom Hearts has no. With Kingdom Hearts 4, a new Saga begins: The Lost Master Arc. Consequently, something must also change in the JRPG series. The first trailer also makes this clear. Visually, the game highlights strongly from previous parts. But not only the style is another. Kingdom Hearts 4 acts like Tetsuya Nomuras Unborn Child: Final Fantasy versus 13

The Kingdom Hearts Creator was once responsible for a final fantasy spin-off on the PS3, which looked more than promising. However, the project moved like chewing gum. Almost ten years, the Final Fantasy Game stuck in the production height until Nomura ultimately had to resign and Hajime Tabata took over the rudder. From Final Fantasy versus 13 was a few years later Finally Final Fantasy 15 .

But not all ideas have made it to the final Final Fantasy. And that’s exactly where Nomura starts now. He just can not forget his child – he can not let go. He insists on it and therefore he will be created with all the power his final fantasy versus 13 in Kingdom Hearts 4 .

Kingdom Hearts 3 was already the beginning

In fact, that’s not such a big surprise. In Kingdom Hearts 3 already has an intermediate sequence to Verum Rex, a video game in the Toy story world (so a game in a game played by toys – thanks, nomura), detached from the rest of the plot.

In it you see a group fighting, which has a strong similarity with the troupe of Final Fantasy versus 13 or 15. In particular, the main character Yozora is very similar to the final fantasy hero Noctis Caelum. Both names are translated Night sky . Nomura, you fox!

Verum Rex was the first step towards Final Fantasy versus 13. On the back of the game packaging, which can be found in the world, is even “Call your heart back” , what an allusion to the topic of Final Fantasy 15 is, and “Request your throne back” .

With the DLC Re Mind, Nomura was almost official. After the fight against Yozora plays an intermediate sequence, which matches one to one a trailer of Final Fantasy versus 13 – from the camera setting over the setting to the content of the scene .

What immersion Meaning Verum Rex has also proves his statement with a Q & A: So Nomura should not have been sure of how he should call the new Kingdom Hearts: Kingdom Hearts 4 or Verum Rex? (Source: KH13)

Kingdom Hearts 4 is a shell for Final Fantasy versus 13

“This is a reality-based fantasy.” This sentence adorned the trailer of Final Fantasy versus 13. And behold: The trailer to Kingdom Hearts 4 embodies exactly that. The city square in which is shown, too The modern Tokyo, but she also resembles the realistic city from the early trailers of the final fantasy spin-off, before it mutated to Final Fantasy 15. And Sora looks like Noctis after Yozora.

Even the melody in both trailers is the same in places. This is due to the same artist, Yoko Shimomura, which generally created in their soundtracks overlaps, for example, to highlight relationships between figures. Therefore, it is not absorbent that Nomura also wants to fuse over the soundtrack the two games **. It’s already funny, after all, replication plays a non-insignificant role in the Kingdom Hearts series.

The notes are quite clear: Nomura packs his ideas that he originally had for Final Fantasy versus 13, in Kingdom Hearts 4.

Which episodes has this for Kingdom Hearts 4?

A new direction, a fresh wind does not harm the series. But after a rather disappointing, nevertheless successful Kingdom Hearts 3 I have the care that Nomura now presters his original vision of Final Fantasy versus 13 without if and but in Kingdom Hearts 4 . This could cause action strands perceived to feel forced, loose ends are bad or not picked up and the charm of earlier games is lost.

Everything stands and is just how conscientious Nomura deals with the two projects he just tries to merge.
What I was allowed to see so far, but still looks like a imbalance – and that’s disturbing.
I do not want to end that on a sad touch.
Because despite my fears I am also curious.
I would like to know where the journey goes;

It is exciting to see how convinced Nomura is of his ideas , which he once planned for Final Fantasy versus 13.