The A500 Mini in the review: The wrong girlfriend

Among all the home computers of the 1980s, the Commodore Amiga enjoys a consecrated call. In particular, the graphic jump coming from the quasi-predecessor C64 was a thunderstorm of almost biblical dimensions. At least I was open to me Christmas in 1988, when I was allowed to feed the Freshly acquired Amiga 500 for the first time with “Security Copies” from games like Defender of the Crown or Shadow of the Beast. About the Commodore Monitor, a graphic splendor flickered, so something had not yet experienced in the game area. “Omma, look, you have to watch that, computer today!”.


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The A500 Mini Review: Classic Amiga is Back!
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The cute, about 20 times 40 centimeters high replica is an eye-catcher, of good plastic quality and equals the Amiga 500 almost except for the last ventilation. Only everything is much smaller and much less functional than the original device. The keyboard is immovable landing, the drive pure decoration. Nice, however, that the two LED lights work and behave on request as the original Amiga.

For surprise, another accessory in the pack ensures. Retro Games has decided to set up a Gamepad modeled by AMIGA CD32 instead of the conventional joystick. While you like younger players and players make it easier for the owners of the The C64 replica with supplied joystick even pleasing, but looks strange out of sight old Amiga fans. Also, one realizes some games that they were not made for the Gamepad. For example, the separately available joystick, which succumbed to the C64 Mini Mini, works luckily with the A500 Mini, according to the manufacturer.

The enclosed mouse falls significantly smaller than the original. Source: Retro Games Ltd.

If a free slot remains in which either an external keyboard (which we, if needed, can get in virtual form on the screen, which is quite annoyed). Or a USB stick. Because as already at the C64 and The C64 Mini, Retro Games allows users to start their own games on the console. The widespread ADF format for AMIGA floppy disk images is currently not support – in fact, a somewhat complex installation of the program WHDLOAD is necessary on a specially formatted USB stick, which the A500 Mini then can play games in LHA format. The detailed online manual describes the procedure after all step by step.

In our test, this worked well in some cases, in others again the game was not to get running. Once again other titles, the timing of the games did not agree. Overall, the procedure is a bit fiddly, and it would be to be desired if the ADF format is considered in a future firmware update.

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Who makes everything too complicated or tricky, can still get started immediately. Pre-installed are 25 licensed games: including some real classics such as Another World, Battle Chess, Cadaver, California Games, Kick Off 2, Pinball Dreams, Simon The Sorcerer or Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe. There are also the bonus game Citadel on the homepage of Retro Games for download, more should follow. On some games, the intro – not to mention the famous demos, special, sometimes very complex intros from the coder and cracker scene, to which one must of course do without.

Page 1 The A500 Mini in the Review: Return the girlfriend

Page 2 The A500 Mini in the review: Conclusion of an Amiga fans

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