Final Fantasy XIV

A defect occurs in the “FF14” land lottery purchase system. The 0th that should not exist will be elected, and the cause is currently under investigation

In “Final Fantasy XIV” (hereinafter, “FF 14”), a serious defect has occurred in the housing lottery sales. Patches 6.1 “New Adventures” published on April 12, at the same time with the patch release, a lottery application for the new housing area “EPILAM” was started, and the presentation of lottery results were held at 0:00 on April 17. There is a problem with the lottery result, and “the” No. 0 that should not exist “is won, and many players have reported a large number of events. “FF14” Operation side is about 17 days 4:30, and Mr. Naoki Yoshida, a producer and director, reports a response. Although the following report was reported at 23:20 on the same day, the article writing does not have to be identified.

The “FF14” housing is a content that can own a private area unique to the player, and there is a “House” of the house with the garden and a “apto” only one room. House can be owned by a free company or individual, but the number of lands is small for demand, and the situation of chronic land shortage continues. This is a background that the server enhancement is not physically catched in the influence of translation restrictions and semiconductor shortages due to new coronavirus infection expansion.

Such a patch 6.1 has started a lottery sale of a new housing area “Empirium”. Although the division extension of the existing housing area was frequently performed, the addition of the housing area itself has been since Patch 4.1 ‘Silogan’. A very high expectation was received to add a new player long-awaited new land.

At the same time as the implementation of “Empirium”, the sales system of the land was also changed. In “FF14” before patch 6.1, the house purchase was first-come-first-served basis. The free land generated by the pre-owner caused the land to “maintain” the status of “maintenance”, and it was a mechanism that can be released and purchased a first-come-first-come-first-come-first-served basis. However, it is necessary to monitor the development of the development to purchase in a high degree of competition rates of land, and it is necessary to be able to stick in front of the space without being able to play with the content for a long time It was dissatisfied. From such circumstances, in patch 6.1, how to sell the land is changed to the lottery method, and from the applicant, it has been changed to a mechanism to be purchased by lottery by lottery.

The first lottery in patch 6.1 was a schedule that the applicant was started on April 12 and the winners were announced at 0:00 on April 17th. The application player is a number from 1 to order, and the number of winners will be announced at the time of announcement. However, after the announcement of the winning announcement on April 17, a large number of “the 0th” that should not exist “is won by the official forum and SNS. In some cases, “I thought that the number of applicants was one person, but I was relieved to be elected, but the 0th was treated as a winning and fell off. Even though there was no, everyone was found.

“FF14” Producer and director, Mr. Naoki Yoshida published the topics of “the problem that is occurring in the lottery sale of housing” at around 4:30. Although the survey was conducted as a serious problem, it reported that it did not identify it. In addition, although the results announcement period of the lottery were planned a lot of April 20, this period was extended until the survey and response was completed, and the next application period did not start. Although the follow-up was released at 23:20, the article writing seems not to be identified by the cause.

According to published reports, it seems that there are very many patterns in the application conditions on the player side, as the reason for identifying the cause. Here, “Many patterns” are considered to point to factors such as whether there are players’ land ownedity, new land purchasing or moving, and land ownership in the same account. In addition, it is also an approach in the direction of “whether there is no clue to” the application of applicant attribute seen from the land side “that should not be related to processing. It seems that factors other than housing related may be caused by defects, and it seems to be promoting a cause specific work.

Looking at the official forum, etc., at the current situation where a defect is occurring, there are not many players who have doubts that the lottery was equally equality. It would be doubt that the lottery results have changed because the “0” that should not exist. Good luck also players who have purchased land may be anxious or uneasy. In topics, “lottery of land purchase rights implemented in patch 6.1 is performed using simple random functions and is performed by simple processing for” application conditions “. Although it can not be determined until the correspondence is announced, it seems good to see that the lottery system itself is moving properly.

In addition, the price of the land pays all the time before the lottery application, and it has become a mechanism to receive a refund when defending. The player who encountered the bug also creates anxiety that it is good to receive this refund. According to the topics, it is possible to confirm from the operated database server log for the presence or absence of application. Since this log can be referenced at the time of correspondence, “whether or not the gill at the time of application is returned by the case of defeat is promoting the survey so that it has not been affected in the subsequent response.” There is.

In the “FF14” in a chronic land shortage, there may be few players waiting for the addition of patch 6.1 housing areas. There is a problem that a problem occurred and expected to have a defect and expecting a new system called lottery method. However, looking back on the history of “FF14” so far, we will respond promptly at the time of failure and told the player to communicate the response. This problem is also a large influence range, and a player who is anxious is also observed. What you can do in the player can believe in operation without extra speculation and wait. Cause identification is done as soon as possible, and it is prayed that prompt response is done.

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