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Final Fantasy 14: Content of Patch 6.1

Players of Final Fantasy 14 are allowed to look forward to the next update for online role-playing today. Square Enix has provided patch 6.1 with numerous new content. Among other things, with “Newfound Adventure” is also the next chapter in history according to Endwalker. The focus depends on the warriors of light.

More possibilities for solo players

Some time ago, the developers have introduced a feature, with the solo player with a group of NPCs to complete various dungeons and exams in the world of Final Fantasy 14. With the update, this function has now expanded. From now on, the dungeons from “A Realm Reborn” (Patch 2.0) can be addressed with the support of the KI. Gradually, Square Enix adds further extensions of the MMORPG.


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New Alliance Raid and Dream Testing

The team also brings the first part of a brand new alliance RAID series with the update into the game. A total of 24 players can participate in “Myths Eorzeas (Part 1) – in the realm of the gods: Aglaia” . Covers hidden secrets of “twelve” and snatches valuable rewards. In addition, with “Hero Song of Ultima” a further dream test is completed.

Final Fantasy 14: Newfound Adventure Trailer introduces patch 6.1

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What else is new in patch 6.1?

In addition to the already mentioned content, new dungeons, exams and PVP content also made it into the update. In addition, players can now play already completed orders, sequences and battles from the final wobby expansion – without losing their progress. The complete patch notes from Update 6.1 can be found on the next page!

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12.04.2022 at 15:30