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Final Fantasy XIV Butterfinger Collab: You can still get the High Animal ChocorPokkur?

One of the most popular entertainment in Final Fantasy XIV is the collection of rare driving animals. There are hordes of these driving beings that players can unlock, playing in the popular MMO from Square Enix. Although some vehicles are always available, some of them are part of the event or advertising campaign, including the CHOCOPOKUR vehicle. How to get this vehicle in Final Fantasy XIV?

To earn Mount Chokorpokkur in Final Fantasy XIV, players should have participated in the Game Better Witterfinger 2021 shares. This event took place from May 3, 2021 to June 30, 2021, and those who spent 5 dollars or more on this action could go on melt to pay off the included code so that this rare vehicle was sent to them through the Moogle delivery service.

With the end of the promotion, the only way for players to get a Chokorpokkur’s riding animal in Final Fantasy XIV today is to buy code from sellers on reselling sites, such as eBay. In 2022, the fastening is usually worth 20-30 dollars, and some relevant sellers note their 150 dollars codes.

Although currently the attachment is not available directly from Square Enix, there is a chance that it will return in the future, since other desired fasteners, such as Regalia Type-G, have returned after several years of lack of in the market. However, at the moment it is a rare subject for an account, which is rarely found in Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV and Butterfinger Joins Forces to Bring you the Chocopukkor mount!

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