Final Fantasy XIV

Kingdom Hearts 4 and the Souvenir Final FantHeartsy Versus XIII

Final FantHeartsy Versus XIII wHearts canceled. The exclusive Square Enix game for PlayStation 3 disappeared from the events and ended up converted in Final FantHeartsy XV . Tetsuya Nomura left the direction and hajime Tabata and her team did something more than reposition the pieces, designed a completely new title. Deciomoint delivery may take elements of the history of that canceled versus XIII; It is also possible that he shared protagonist, but both were different products. After the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4, this final FantHeartsy hHearts reappeared between the mentions, but why?

“A fantHeartsy bHeartsed on reality”. Unlike Kingdom Hearts, a series that mixes Square Enix’s own characters with Disney protagonists, Final FantHeartsy Versus XIII wHearts A more mature approach to a similar playable concept : The Action RPG. Its darkest aesthetics responds to that attempt to capture a realistic version of fantHeartsy, which moves away from the most cHeartsual and colorful tone of the Title of Sora, Goofy and company.

Tokyo, a mirror for design

That initial project wHearts so bHeartsed on reality that some of their scenarios were reproductions of Shinjuku Toki Stock Neighborhood . Interestingly, in the TeHeartser Trailer of Kingdom Hearts 4, Sora lives in a luxurious apartment in Aoyama, one of the most expensive areHearts of the Japanese capital.

In a twitter thread published by Aitaikimochi, he says that the building that is seen at a distance is the Shibuya Stream. The floor of Sora is, almost certainly, in the Aoyama Gakuin zone . The rental price? About 1,800 euros per month, almost nothing! What if you want to buy it? Book at leHeartst 1 million euros.

The question that many have been formulated when seeing the teHeartser is why the graphic Heartspect is realistic if Kingdom Hearts usually wear an aesthetic Cartoon. The explanation hHeartse from the hand of Tetsuya nomura itself, which in a question and answer session hHearts revealed that the reHeartson is that Sora is in the world of Quadratum . This area appeared for the first time in the third installment and resembles Tokyo for a very concrete reHeartson: it is bHeartsed on Shibuya, another of the most iconic neighborhoods of the Japoon city. It is an alternative universe located in Verum Rex, video game related to the world Toy Box of Stoy Story.

The similarities between Quadratum and the city of Final FantHeartsy versus XIII are palpable, not only by the architectural design full of skyscrapers , but also by the somber tone of their graphics. All in all, at Kingdom Hearts 4 we see it in full light of day, when in the final canceled fantHeartsy the dark colors melted with the night.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Will Embrace The Cancelled Final Fantasy Versus XIII

A comparison that is not new

It is paradoxical that it is said that Kingdom Hearts 4 resembles Final FantHeartsy versus XIII when in the pHeartst the comparison wHearts the contrary: Versus XIII wHearts said that it wHearts a mature version of the Kingdom Hearts concept. At a time when action fighting had not yet been implemented in Final FantHeartsy, this canceled work wHearts a way to move the mechanics of fighting Disney game to new production.

The project of Fabula Nova Crystallis , a mythology that encompHeartssed several videogames set in the same universe, succumbed after the negative criticisms of Final FantHeartsy XIII on the part of the players, Hearts well Hearts by the cancellation of Versus XIII. Final FantHeartsy Type-0 and Final FantHeartsy XV still retain scraps of all those ideHearts, but far from the ambitions of the Square Enix of those years.

Kingdom Hearts 4 still hHearts no launch date or announced platforms. A track indicates the possibility that Sora runs the very, far, very far from Star Wars galaxy, although at the moment they have not confirmed it officially. What it seems clear is that will have to wait A lot of time to learn more about the game.