NBA News, LeBron James: For now, no premature contract extension at the Los Angeles Lakers?

Lebron James could sign a premature contract extension at the Los Angeles Lakers in the Offseason. But allegedly, the 37-year-old thinks about being in the summer of 2023 unrestricted free agent. But that does not automatically mean that he will leave the Lakers.

This comes from a report by Sam Amick (the athletic). Accordingly, James with the idea of fulfilling his current contract first instead of signing premature contract renewal this year.

Lebron’s current working paper at the Lakers is still running until 2023, in the coming season, his last year of the contract, he earns $ 44.5 million. The Lakers can offer their superstar already in this offseason a premature extension for two more years and $ 97.1 million. This would be bound to the franchise until 2025.

“The talks have not yet begun, technically we can talk about it at a later date because of the CBA,” said James on Monday addressed the potential contract extension. “I know what’s on the table. But we can not talk to Rob (Pelinka, Lakers, GM, Note d. Red.) Or the Front Office. If we reach this point, then we will see.”

Should James actually reject the premature contract extension, but this does not automatically mean that he will leave the Lakers 2023. Instead, it could subsequently sign contracts with a shorter term, such as a one-year contract with a player option for a second year. He had maintained this flexibility largely at his second stop in Cleveland.

This approach also speaks that James has emphasized several times to play together with his son in the NBA in the future. Bronny James, currently on high school, could come to the association at the earliest 2024.

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NBA Today | Woj reports LeBron James unlikely to sign a contract extension with Lakers

First of all, the Lakers will want to clarify the short-term future, especially a new Head Coach must come from. Candidates are available after the release of Frank Bird some, from the same report by Amick also emphasizes that James would be “very excited” if Mark Jackson would get the job. The former Warriors coach and longtime TV expert was no longer at the sideline since 2014.