Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix publishes an interview before the remake of FF VII remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake by Square Enix | E3 2019 Interview | Unreal Engine
Excellent news for Final Fantasy fans! Square Enix has released a long interview with developers in anticipation of the remake release date next month. The interview presents many established information, as well as some new treats to immerse themselves while we are waiting for April.

For example, Red XIII will not be a good playable person this time. It’s a terrible new for anyone who loves it, used it in the original game. There will be sections where it will be playable, but only in an acrobatic style / Qte / High Drama. Apparently, the developers had the impression of being presented quite late so that there is still no time to properly explore his character. As for the future outings, who knows?

There were also some comments on classical mode. Essentially, this is for people who love Final Fantasy and are not disappointed with the way they have been oriented towards action lately. People who have not played much since the release of VII, in other words. Finally, there were some extensive comments on the new Midgar and the way it was expanded. All of these black loading screens concealed parts of the city that will now be explicitly explored. You can consult the entire Dang interview here. Final Fantasy VII: Remake arrives on PS4 on April 10, 2020, assuming nothing wrong in the meantime.