The Edo period with the magic and humans and God is the 2D action RPG “Launched Seal Emperor” STEAM Store Page Release-Made “Sword Technique” and “Tsuten Tong”

Circle EXECUTE has published the Steam store page of 2D action RPG “**”.

This work is a stage clear action RPG, which can be enjoyed and developed in the coterie site DLSITE in 2020. 3D Map and 2D Dot Picture Operation The unique view of the world is fused. On the stage of the Edo period, we operate the princess “ Rue Laki ” of a dust from a powerful enclosure, and using a sword, a wide range of enemies with a single-quality “ sword technique ” We will defeat the enemy by making full use of the “ Tsutentician ” to make a single network.

Actions that can be used for operation characters Action can be used more than 20, and you can push the enemy and push the enemy “body”, and normal attacks 4 times continuously. On the other hand, the enemy will have a long distance attack such as “discount” and “bounce”.

For “sword technique” that uses a sword, it will cause a windy swirl and knocks the enemy, raised the ground and create a rock wall, and the potential of the density, and the potential of the demon. There are a wide variety of “Red Nitan”, a multistage hit of a flame attribute, and a “Flame sword”.

Using a pidy of a circle, a “bombardment” that causes a large explosion to the enemy on the front of the circle square, “the bombing team”, which causes a tornado to be a tornado and one enemy It is possible to attack a wide range, such as “Lightning Lights” that causes lightning and continuous damage.

“Sakai Seal” where you can enjoy the exhilarating action will be released for PC (STeam). Detailed date and time are unknown. DLSite is currently being delivered for PC (Windows).