The Kao the Kangaroo platform game is for May 27

Born on Dreamcast and PC in 2001, the Kao The Kangaroo license will soon return with a fifth part – all the same – which has just taken date for May 27, 17 years after its last tribulations.

This fifth episode of the adventures of Kao is also developed by the Polish Studio Tate Multimedia and follows Kao The Kangaroo: Mystery of the Volcano , last episode dating back to 2005 on PC. After offering free remaster Kao The Kangaroo: Round 2 , as a promotional tool to reinstall the mascot in the spirits, the developer is finally ready to launch Kao The Kangaroo in the Large bath, from May 27th. This new adventure promises to stay true to the style of the platform games of the early 2000s and our Marsupial Bagarur will be able to count on a pair of legendary boxing gand to spawn through the different levels where there are many enemies and pitfalls.

Kao the Kangaroo Preview: Hands-On With a Comfy Platformer
Video Large bath

Kao The Kangaroo – Trailer of the release date