Netflix announces new commercial strategy

The original content of Netflix is a great bet. Throughout last year, we saw 500 productions that can only be found on this platform. From movies, passing through series, documentaries, even specials of all kinds. However, the company is intended to reduce the amount and focus on quality , this to combat the constant loss of subscribers.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Netflix would leave aside all the productions that do not generate sufficient income, this regardless of the critical reception. This does not mean that they will decrease the budget they intend to use. There are still plans to invest $ 20 billion in all types of series, movies and more , only that the amount of production will be lower.

Wall Street Week - Full Show 04/15/2022

This means put an end to several relationships with various houses producing in Hollywood and every1. The approach is that the superproductions, such as _Stranger Things, _ manage the returns that Netflix waits . There are still no details about what will be eliminated and what will continue, but this could be the first step to a new Netflix.

On related topics, Netflix will put an end to the shared accounts in 2023. In the same way, the company lost one third of its value in the stock market.

Editor’s note :

Netflix, unlike Disney + or HBO Max, it seems that it does not have a strategy for the current market. Everything they have launched, although some things of great quality, continue to feel as productions of years ago, and are not on par with their competitors.