NBA playoffs: Milwaukee Bucks disassemble Dessertes Chicago Bulls and bring back home advantage

With an ultra-dominant idea, the Milwaukee Bucks shot the Chicago Bulls from his own hall and retested the home advantage in the series. At the 111: 81, the champion was superior from the first minute to a house high and made for horror at the Bulls fans. Especially a Bucks Reservist caught a cream day.

Chicago Bulls (6) – Milwaukee Bucks (3) 81: 111 (Boxscore), Series: 1-2

The 30-point bankruptcy was the second highest of bulls in their playoff history (- 37 against the HEAT 2013). Especially so chicago cracked the brand of 80 points. With 19 points Nikola Vucevic was already best scorer, Demar Derozan (11, 4/9 FG) or Zach Lavine (15, 6 (13 FG) were pale. Patrick Williams sat down all his 9 throws next to it. At the end stood odds of 39, 3 percent from the field and 26.5 percent from the distance to beech. In the zone the bulls were dominated (43:55 rebounds, 30:46 points), 13 Turnover led to 16 Bucks points.

At the winner, Giannis antetokounmpo was largely leaned back, more than 18 points in 12 litters did not need (9 assists, 7 rebounds). Bobby Portis (16 rebounds) came to the same yield. Best guest actor was Grayson all who sank 5 of his 7 threes for 22 points and set up a personal career high in the playoffs. Pat Connaughton (11) and Jrue Holiday (16) also scored two digits.

Khris Middleton was missing after his cruciate ligament from game 2 as expected (and will miss the rest of the series) and was replaced by portis in the starting formation. Nevertheless, the Bucks started optimally in the game, while at Chicago offensively nothing went at all. At the booth of 19: 7 After just under five minutes, the Bulls had only brought 3 threesters on the scoreboard. Portis added perfectly with two hits from the distance and all welded 3 threes within a few minutes by the Reuse. Giannis was able to hold back (2 points in Q1). From the two area chicago was 4/13 after the first quarter! 33:17 Milwaukee.

Bucks College Bulls – Allen Sink 5 Threesome

At 5 points of Bulls, Antetokounmpo responded by Jumper and Dunk. Connaughton left a threesome. A 13: 0 RUN provided a soothing 24-point pad. The bulls had actually not been a single free throw after 18 minutes. Threesome of Caruso and White finished the lull, but the champion had everything under control, even though Dozan unpacked a nice move to the three-point game. Everyone was everywhere, submerged his fourth threesome and cleared Patrick Williams. 60:41 Milwaukee at halftime.

Giannis scored the first 6 bucks points after the break, followed by another slam of the Greeks, which rounded a 10-0 Run. At the stand of 70:44, this was a preliminary decision, even if there were 20 minutes on the clock. Errors ranked mistakes, it echoed BUHRS through the United Center. This also changed 10 points in a piece nothing more. Of course, all the answer found. After all, the Bulls fans were still allowed to celebrate an Airball of Giannis. 90:59 Bucks after three quarters.

Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks Full Game 2 Highlights | April 20 | 2022 NBA Playoffs

In the fourth quarter, the benches were quickly emptied, the soil could not do the bulls anymore. In the middle of the section, the hall had already emptied too much. Tony Bradley had a few good actions for Chicago, Thanasis Antetokounmpo brought himself on the opposite side with a monster dunk on the scoreboard. Already on Sunday evening German period, Chicago has the opportunity to do reconsideration from the domestic fans.

NBA playoffs – Bucks vs. Bulls: The series at a glance (2-1)

Game Date Time Home Away result
1 18. April 0.30 Milwaukee Bucks Chicago Bulls 93:86
2 21. April 3:30 pm Milwaukee Bucks Chicago Bulls 110: 114
3 23. April 2.30 clock Chicago Bulls Milwaukee Bucks 81: 111
4 24. April 19 o’clock Chicago Bulls Milwaukee Bucks
5 28. April TBD Milwaukee Bucks Chicago Bulls
6 * 30. April TBD Chicago Bulls Milwaukee Bucks
7 * 1. May TBD Milwaukee Bucks Chicago Bulls

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