Final Fantasy XIV

Can I really play alone? I tried playing “FF14 New Eorzea” solo #1 [Basic commentary]

MMORPG “Final Fantasy XIV” Operated by Square Enix. From the large-scale update on April 12, the functions that can be captured by the solo, which can be captured by solo, and you can play the main story alone.

So, this time, while using this function, play the main story of “FF14” from the beginning! First of all this time, we will explain the basic part such as the game system!

# What kind of game is “FF14”? -Such a freeturial exists

A Single-Player Review of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

First of all, it is exported to the process of this work. “FF14” is MMORPG released in 2010 from Square Enix, and is significantly renewed as “Shinsei Eorzea” in 2013, and services continue. In December 2021, the new extension package “Natsuki’s Finale” was released, and the big story that has continued so far is completed and a new story is about to begin.

Previously, the main operation team has set the theme of “further evolution” ** “” everyone “to” everyone “for” everyone “as a challenge for future challenges. Online games, MMORPG, in the nature of the MMORPG, there is no way to interact and cooperate with people. It is also a fact that it is a genre that can not emerge freely, such as the risk of MMORPG, but for beginners and inexperienced people, and the hurdles are felt high, and the risk of developing into unexpected troubles.

“FF series I like and played, but” FF11 “and” FF14 “have never been done…” too. ” Under such circumstances, in this update, “new Eorzea” part, ie the place where the game starts from the game started to be played in solo.

Then let’s try it quickly! I would like to say that, but it tends to be hesitant to step into a unforeseen genre. Not only that, anxiety remains in the price form “monthly charge system”… There is a “fleet ralial” for such a certainty. Fleet Real is the trial version of “FF14”, and it is a substitute for free to play the story to the first expansion package for free.

“Fleet Real” compares the product version and functions, and there are restrictions on systems such as “items of items between players”, “Some chat functions”, and “non-subscribing to the free company (guild)” But if you play with solo, it is also a part that doesn’t care much.

In addition, it is possible to take over the data to the product version, as there is no play time limit, and first starting with the fleet ralial, it is also an ant when I like it.

# To the world of “FF14”! Which job do you do?

When downloading & installation is complete, let’s play the Fleet Real Version immediately! First of all, from the creation of characters. Currently there are eight races, and in the Fleet Rial version you can choose from six types of “Aura” family. I’m sorry so this time I choose Aura!

The part that can be edited even in the same race is further detailed, and there are two types of “Aura-Zera”, which have a white “Aura Ren”, a blue-purple corner and a horn in the case of this Aura family. There are several facial types, and the difference between the shape of the corner and the part of the face is different, and the width of the character is spread there. Honestly, just creating characters, it will be fun and more and more time will melt….

After that, choose a class at the start of the game, that is, profession. Currently there are 19 combat jobs and you will choose from eight at the start.

Specifically, we will explain in another article, but the “FF14” system has three roles called “roles”, and strong “Tank” , superior battle with high powers Promotion “DPS” , and support and support for allies There is a characteristic of each of “Healer” . By raising the level, we will evolve into “FF” familiar jobs such as “Black Mage” and “Dragon Knight”.

  • 【Tank】 Sword Artist (Night), Morner Technology (Warrior)

  • 【DPS】 Fighter (Monding), Astrophy (Dragon Knight), Artist (Big Poetry), Curse (Black Mage), True Hands (Summoner)

  • 【Healer】 A ventilator (White Mage)

In addition, it will also be able to change to other occupations in the early game, so you can choose to easily think so much deeply. This time, choose DPS, “” that fight with the Summon Beast.

After the character, select the “Data Center (DC)” and “World” to place the character. DC is a large server category, and Japan DC applies three of “Elemental”, “mana” and “GAIA”. Each DC will choose to select a smaller server, “World”. DC is OK with a “university campus”, and the World is a recognition such as “University of the University”. If it is a world in the same DC, you can go back freely.

The selection of the world is especially recommended to choose a world with a star mark, if there is no particular feeling. The experience value that can be earned is doubled in the preferential world, so just advancing the story and the level will rise more and more! If you have an acquaintance that has begun first, choose the world that belongs to the same DC.

After entering the name of the character, the preparation for adventure is finally complete. This time, “GEMMY SPARROW”, abbreviated I will adventure as “Spa-chan” !

# Starting from here, your story-Welcome to Eorzea!

From here, introduce the main story. What a meaningful scene and a conversation with a feeling of flying around on the same boat will start, but the spa-chan’s boat is suddenly attacked by a pirate ship. Security, bad. The area called Eorzea is reconstituted from the unprecedented large disasters caused five years ago, and “the seventh the spiritual”, but a collision with a variety of tribes called “barbarian” and There are various problems such as the threat of the Galemar Empire, which plans the control of Eorzea.

Somehow pirate ship also shaken and arrived at “Rima Romina”, which is the city of the sea safely. By the first job selected, the country and stories visiting the early stage are different. Finally, the spa’s great adventure begins! !