Elden Ring: How to get Löwenklauenasche of the war

ELDEN RINGS Weapons and techniques are penetrated in the game, and such a technique is the Löwenklauenasche of the war . This is a capability that, when assigned swords, axes and hammers, represents a fairly wide weapon spectrum. Together with adding the Heavy affinity to the assigned weapon, your skill attack will be a salto from the air, where you run a powerful, acrobatic blow to the enemy. Continue reading for our guide How to get the war ash of the lion’s claws in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring: How to get Löwenklahnasche of the war

The Lion’s Claw technology is obtained from the Redmanes, which are located in Caelid, in this case specifically Fort Gael, directly south of Rotview Balcony, where they enter the region of Limgrave. The fortress is located on the southwestern coast of Caelid and is quite easy to reach, and inside you have to fight against a lion guard to get you Ash of was: Löwenklaue . While you are there, you should loot the fort and climb the ladder from the inside where you can reach a wall on the east side, over which you can jump. This leads to some enemies and the flame, give me force summon as a bonus.

The Lion’s CLAW technology is used by the Redmane Soldiers, Radahn’s Army. These are some of the toughest fighters in the Lands Between, and their history offers an impressive background for their current state of things in the game. Caelid is devastated from the scarlet rods at that time and its inhabitants must fight against the massive aase-eater, which roam the land, and numerous redwears in the region are loaded with siege weapons, which are prepared to destroy each intruder.

Elden Ring | GET THIS OP ASHES OF WAR - HOW TO GET LION'S CLAW | Tips & Tricks Guide
This is our guide completed This is how you get the war ash of the lion’s claws in Elden Ring! Be sure to look at our other guides and our review!

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